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#1 98年9月(1回目)
*(Anycall) er's Concept for 
 Coordinate, Motivate, Percolate
(Anything) and circle n/m
(Split) Catch 1,2,3,4
#2 98年9月(2回目)
*Once Removed Concept
With the Flow
Circle to a Wave
Press In,Out,Right,Left,Ahead
Right/Left Loop 1,2,3
Follow Your Neighbor variations
        criss cross your neighbor
        flip your neighbor
        tag your neighbor
        vertical tag your neighbor
#3 98年10月(1回目)
*Parallelogram Concept
Perk Up
Anycall er's Perk Up
Stack the line
Sock It To Me
Here Comes the Judge
(Grand) Cross Back
Kickoff/Cross Kickoff
Vertical Anything
#4 98年10月(2回目)
*Offset Waves/Lines/Columns Concept
Cross Ramble
        Scoot and Cross Ramble
Cross the K/(Anything) the K
Turn to a Line
Dodge Anything
Hocus Pocus
#5 98年11月(1回目)
*Stretched Line | Wave | Box Concept
Drop In/Out/Right/Left
Exchange the Diamond 1/4,1/2,3/4,Full
Relocate the Diamond
Bounce the Anyone
        single Bounce the Anyone
Rotary (Anycall)
Swap the wave
#6 98年11月(2回目)
*Funny Concept
Walk Out to a Wave
(Scoot and) Little More
Criss Cross the Shadow
(Split) Grand Chain 8
Checkpoint (Anycall) by (Anycall)
Peel to a Diamond/Trail to a Diamond
Alter and Circulate
#7 98年12月(1回目)
*Disconnected Concept
Swing Along
(Reverse) Split Swap Around
(Scoot and) Counter
Chain the Square
Unwrap the Formation
(Diamond/Hourglass/Interlocked Diamond)
#8 98年12月(2回目)
*Crazy Concept
Fascinating (Anycall)
Lateral Substitute
Cross and Wheel
Cross trade and Wheel
Grand Cross Trade and Wheel
Single Cross and Wheel
Single Cross Trade and Wheel
Grand Single Cross and Wheel
Grand Single Cross Trade and Wheel
#9 99年1月(1回目)
*Solid Concept
Rotate (From Line)
Single Rotate (From Line)
Reverse Rotate (From Line)
Reverse Single Rotate (From Line)
(Cross) Invert the Column
Lines (Anything) Thru
#10 99年1月(2回目)
*Cross Concentric Concept
Rims/Hubs Trade Back
Rims/Hubs Trade (anything)
Tandem Based/Wave Based Triangles
(Reverse ) Cut/Flip the Galaxy
Chisel Thru
Interlocked Triangle
#11 99年2月(1回目)
*Triple Wave/Line Concept
File To a Line/Wave
Sets In Motion
Wheel the Ocean/Sea
#12 99年2月(2回目)
*Stagger Concept
Zip Code 1-6
Anyone Ripple (the wave)1,2,3..
Anyone Like a Ripple 
#13 99年3月(1回目)
Reshape the Triangle
Split Trade  Circulate
(Interlocked ) 3 by 1 Triangle
3 by 1 Checkmate
/Transfer The Column
#14 99年3月(2回目)